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Please e-mail and cc to to submit an event. Thanks!

Our Guidelines

Due to the amazing growth of the DanceAsheville newsletter, we've instituted some new guidelines to help everyone get their information included.
  • We no longer duplicate information in both left and right columns. If you have a preference, please let us know.

  • Information about ongoing dances (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) will be listed in one single listing indicating when it occurs (left column or right; if you have a preference, let us know). We make an exception for this if information for the dance changes each time, such as band and caller information.

  • We welcome images with your event submissions. Your image can be sent as a .jpg attachment to your email, or if you have the image online, let us know the link where it can be found and copied. We reserve the right to not use images; the most common reason is low image quality. We generally do not use poster images because most images with a lot of text become unreadable when reduced in size for the newsletter. We do not use venue logos or photos.